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Sai Wong
Wed December 23, 2020 2:17pm

I wish to have a custom background image in my forum.

Could you let me know how to do this


    • Re: Background - Erik_, Thu December 24 2020 2:05pm
      A background image can be added by setting the appearance CSS settings to "Custom - User Entered" and adding the following into the text area (replacing url as needed): body { background-image:... more
      • Mark as Admin - Sai Wong, Sat December 26 2020 7:10am
        Hello Erik, Thanks for the response. I am tweeking the CSS settings. However, when I try a message and set 'Mark as Admin' it appears as Yellow text in my forum. But when I in the message editor... more
        • Re: Mark as Admin - Erik_, Sat December 26 2020 11:11pm
          Hi Sai, I just checked your forum, it looks like you have it working now. :) If anyone else comes across this, the formatting can be added by adding the following CSS into the custom CSS or linked... more