Erik_ Admin
Welcome to the Help Board
Wed April 22, 2020 1:24am

Please post any questions or concerns you may have regarding your message board (or in general) and I will do my best to resolve them.

Also, please feel free to suggest any new potential site features that you need or think would be helpful. I'm always open to suggestions.


    • Wow - brunnock, Wed July 27 2022 10:26am
      Hi Erik, I am blown away by what you've accomplished. I'd offer to help, but I have a feeling that your code is a lot more sophisticated than the 20+ years of crud that I patched together. S... more
      • Re: Wow - Erik_, Thu July 28 2022 1:00am
        Hi Sean, Wow!! Awesome to see you here! Thank you for the kind words. The couple of active forums we have here were actually all previously long time active apps of your site (I personally had been... more
        • Re: Re: Wow - brunnock, Thu July 28 2022 7:48am
          The original site was absolutely written in Perl. Bad Perl from before there were any frameworks. I sold to another fan and I actually helped him get it up and running. It only hosts... more