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Sai Wong
Setting up forum
Wed December 23, 2020 2:15pm


I've just been setting up my forum and posting to my experience.
Once I clicked on the verification email to create my forum I notice some information
was missing.

I wasn't given the URL of the forum

information on how to manage the appearance of the forum

After logging in I use "search app" and entered my forum name. This seems currently the only way to discover the URL of my forum

also within the forum at the bottom left is the "admin" link. Clicking on this link and entering message board admin password I could access setting to alter forums appearance.

hope this helps other people setup their forums

also Erik, it would be great to provide the forum URL and how to access admin settings in a Welcome email

    • Re: Setting up forum - Erik_, Thu December 24 2020 12:05pm
      Thanks! This is really helpful feedback. I'll make sure to add a follow up email that gets sent after the email is confirmed with the missing information about the newly created forum during the creation... more