Sai Wong
Images not displaying
Thu April 15, 2021 10:19am

Hello Erik,

Recently images are not displaying on my forum. I haven't changed any settings on my end, so I would like to ask if you could investigate if any changes you have made on your end may have cause this.

The background images that was displaying now does not and the initial image at the top of the forum is also not rendering.

thank you

    • Re: Images not displaying - Erik_Admin, Fri April 16 2021 1:23am
      Hi Sai, On Firefox, for me, the images still load but give a warning about them being over HTTP while the site is served over HTTPS. When I try in Chrome, the pictures fail to load because the browser... more
      • thanks Erik - Sai Wong, Fri April 16 2021 6:06am
        Hello Erik, Thanks for looking into this. I created an Imgur account and uploaded the images to it. Forum seems to be displaying images now (via Imgur links). In general don't link this Google/internet... more
        • Did some tesrting - Sai Wong, Fri April 16 2021 11:35am
          I did some extra testing on my forum noticed that ... LINKS to websites, both HTTP & HTTPS worked without issues LINKS to images, both HTTP & HTTPS worked without issues direct display of... more
          • Thanks for running some more tests. - Erik_Admin, Sun April 18 2021 2:01am
            This site used to be able to be displayed over HTTP or HTTPS depending on what you entered in the URL address bar. I've noticed that when going to HTTP that I'm automatically redirected to HTTPS. It appears... more