Erik_ Admin
New Features
Sun April 03, 2022 3:50am

There were a few updates in this latest release that I feel like I should mention here. Please reply to this message if you have any issues using these new features.

Email reply notification enhancements:
Instead of just a link to the reply posted, email reply notifications will now also include a preview of the message posted. There is also now a link for users to opt-out of receiving email reply notifications. This opt out feature was added due to email servers becoming more strict as to what automated messages are allowed.

Pinned threads:
The pinned messages feature is similar to the "stickied" thread feature of other forums. When a message is pinned, it will remain at the top of the thread list of your DiscApp until you unpin it. This works regardless of the thread sorting order that is configured. Messages can be pinned/unpinned by clicking on the message in the messages admin section and then clicking the pin/unpin button. When a thread is pinned a little "pushpin" icon (📌) will appear next to the message. Note: You can only pin top level messages.

Locked threads:
Locked messages are read only and cannot be replied to. Threads can be locked and unlocked from the messages admin section of the maintenance page. To lock a thread, click on the thread to be locked and then click on "Lock messages and replies" button. This will lock any future replies to the message selected as well as block any replies to any existing replies of the message that was locked. Messages and replies can be unlocked in the same fashion. When a thread is locked a little "lock" icon (🔒) will appear on the thread as well as the reply button will be removed.

Update 2023-06-08

Reply to email reply notifications directly
This feature expands upon the existing instant email reply notifications with allowing users to reply directly to the email they received to post their response instead of following the link and posting directly on the site. Instant reply notification emails will now also contain the whole reply in the message body instead of just a preview of it when this feature is active.

In order to enable this feature, admins must navigate to the 'Mailing list' section of their DiscussionApp admin page and click on the 'Allow users to post replies by directly replying to email notifications.' checkbox under the 'Reply Notifications' tab.

Please note that this feature is still in a 'beta' state so there may still be some bugs that need to be ironed out. Overall, things should work without issue though. Also, please note that there may also be a bit of a delay from when the reply email is sent and when it is posted.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments related to these changes here.