NE Disc App Change Log
Release v0.10.0

Release Date: 2019-11-03

This is a small release but fixes the user specific permissions so that they are implemented correctly. So if a disc app has permissions for registered/unregistered users, those permissions only apply to users who are not specified in the user permissions section. User permissions who are specified explicitly override any generic permissions.

If user permissions are set in that section to EDIT, that user has access to the admin section to edit threads.

App permissions:
Reg users: POST
Unreg Users: REPLY

User XZY cannot access the forum while logged in. Unlogged in users can reply to messages, all other reg users can post and reply.

App Permissions:
Reg users: REPLY
Unreg Users: READ

If user XZY comes around, they can reply and post new messages. Other reg users can just reply. Unreg users can only read messages.

App Permissions:
Reg users: POST
Unreg Users: HOLD

User XZY can post and reply as well as access edit url while logged in. Reg users can post and reply to messages. Unreg users can post and reply to messages but their messages must be approved by an account owner or editor. So either the owner can approve, the system account (disc app id + password) or XYZ can go to the edit page and approve it.

It sounds more confusing that it is in practice. This is how the original site worked and it's not actually that bad.

Bugs/Fixes in this release:
* User access permissions need to be for specific users in app as well bug
* Create Base Homepage enhancement
* Add "Applications Your Moderate" to account modify page. enhancement
* Widget height and width values not saved in configuration table. bug
* Disc App Ip Block Filter Does Not work on App Search Urls. bug
* "Make This A Top Level Article" in Thread Maintenance Page enhancement

Next release is scheduled to be the v1 release... original launch date was yesterday but that didn't end up happening. I'm thinking it will probably be more towards the middle of November seeing that a larger ticket (Admin site) is there which will take some time.

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