NE Disc App Change Log
Release v1.1.0

Release Date: 2020-01-06

Another release, sooner than I expected but I've had a request pending to have a 'read thread history' added so that links don't get marked as unread when the browser history is cleared and they show up as read when logged in with another device. Also took the opportunity to include some other fixes as well.

Features/Bugs addressed in v1.1.0
* Non expand on index does not highlight new messages. bug
* BCrypt Strength Should Be Service Wide Configuration enhancement
* Format Error and Not Found Error Pages enhancement
* Add View Names To Constant String Class enhancement
* Read Thread History Optimization enhancement
* Create formatting documentation enhancement
* Reply notifications should be sent to email queue. enhancement
* Indices Authentication Login Redirect URL causes IP Block filter to log an error. bug
* Users should be able to opt out of read thread tracking. enhancement
* Create User Configuration Feature. enhancement
* Add feature to remove highlight after thread is read. enhancement
* Add clear read threads option from account modify page. enhancement
* Remember Read Threads for logged in users enhancement

Release v1.1.1 has some longer outstanding bug fixes and 'nice to haves'.