NE Disc App Change Log
Release v1.3.0

Release Date: 2020-01-24

Rather large release with this version. I wasn't expecting it to be but it just sort of grew as I went on....

New features/bug fixes for 1.3.0
* Run New User Configuration Email Update Script At 1.3.0 Deployment. Task
* Update owner table to remove phone column at 1.3.0 deployment time. Task
* Thread maintenance post thread form is hard coded to one app id. bug
* Add hover help to mark as admin post checkbox. enhancement
* Appearance maintenance should present css in drop down with option for custom css enhancement
* Post as admin gets unclicked when previewing thread before posting. bug
* Thread Maintenance should ask for submitter and email for system accounts when posting bug
* Allow admins to post threads with admin distinction css for submit fields enhancement
* Return to Messages on searched thread in admin section returns to search fields screen bug
* Back button on viewing searched thread brings up "document expired" error page. bug
* Login page and such should have link back to homepage. enhancement
* New Threads should only save valid email addresses. enhancement
* Disabled disc app users should not get reply notifications. enhancement
* Email addresses cannot be reused ever even after account is deleted. bug
* Verify Email is valid when account is created. enhancement
* Account creation requests should be done through email validation enhancement
* All emails should go through an email queue enhancement
* Owner phone number should not be needed to create owner. Task

Some good bug fixes in this one regarding the maintenance thread section of the admin site. Email address being checked to be somewhat real should keep any email bounces down on reply notifications. New feature that does not require me to actually approve a new account (they can do it themselves with the registration email). CSS admin enhancement so you can finally just enter your custom CSS right on the appearance admin page instead of trying to squeeze it into the prologue and then the header for thread pages. (Been wanting that for years). Also admin post flare feature and it's related maintenance thread functionality (like I added to this post). It probably will never be used ever but it's something... haha