NE Disc App Change Log
Release v1.6.0

Release Date: 2020-11-24

Changes/Fixes in this release:
* Create forum sitemap xml enhancement
* Create latests articles xml enhancement
* Button Config On Appearance Maintenance Page Should Accept Image URLs. enhancement
* Reply Preview Will Show Script/CSS text in preview area if any is entered bug
* Editors Can't Access Edit Threads Page If They're Not Configured As Admin bug needed
* Add Captcha to Subscription Function enhancement needed
* Editing Site News Removes Closing Anchor Tags On Links bug
* User Read Thread Application List In Modify Account Is Not Sorted bug
* Account Modify - Change Password Should Clear Fields On Submit bug
* RSS Feed URL Should Return 404 On Disc Apps That Do Not Exist bug
* Persistent Login Logs Needs To Be Trimmed bug needed
* Don't Use "toString()" When Saving Thread Activity In The Logs bug needed
* RSS XML Has Extra Space In Link Tag bug
* Create DB index for user_read_thread table. Task

Mostly security issues and minor user inconveniences addressed in this release. The biggest change is that Disc App buttons can now once again be set to image URLs instead of just plain text. I don't think anyone is currently using this feature but I guess it's good to have in case anyone decides they want to use it as it was available on the original platform.