NE Disc App Change Log
Release v2.0.0

Release Date: 2021-01-28

Changes/Bug Fixes In This Release:
* Update to in configuration table. Task
* Admins should be able to upload favicon as well as supply url in maintenance page. enhancement
* System Accounts Should Not Get Sent Email When Account Is Locked bug
* Message Board Admin Account Login Failure Error Message Shows On Wrong Login Form bug
* Application passwords can be longer than the field allows on the maintenance page login screen. bug
* Send Information Email When Disc App Is Created documentation enhancement needed
* Unended Script or Style Tags In Message Body Breaks Thread View HTML bug needed
* Email validation email re-enables disc apps if navigated to even after being redeemed. bug enhancement
* Application name causes unhandled error if attempted name is too long. bug
* Owner first and last name causes unhandled error if attempted name is too long. bug
* Configuration Property Name For Date Label Incorrect. bug
* Change "Disc App Display Name" to "User Display Name" enhancement

On the bug fixing side, mostly just fixes to input validation.

The two main new features in this release are that users will now be sent a helpful email with links and information when they create a new message board and admins can now upload your own favicon for their message board instead of only being able to supplying a URL in the appearance maintenance page.

(v2.0.0 was picked as the name of the release as this is the second full year of going live. Next releases will be 2.x until Jan 2022. At that point, the next release would be 3.x)