NE Disc App Change Log
Release v2.2.0

Release date: 2021-03-10

Changes/bug fixes in release:
* Add site version to site administration section. nice to have
* Mailing list subscription urls should return 404 on non-existent app ids. bug
* Preview option for mailing list subscription HTML in admin section. enhancement nice to have
* Mailing list subscription page's user configuration section does not allow html bug
* System account authentication by UUID instead of AppID. enhancement
* Appearance Maintenance page info message is at top of page and can be missed nice to have
* Users shouldn't have to log out and log back in after adding first disc app to their account. enhancement
* System account password resets fail if owner email address no longer matches user's email address. bug
* Refactor code to check app ownership. enhancement

Besides bug fixes, there are two new user facing features in this release. One is the ability to preview the mailing list HTML/Email settings before saving your changes. The preview lacks the CSS styling that is applied to the HTML pages but it should help make changes with those settings easier. Another change is the "settings updated" messages on the appearance maintenance page finally appear in the section that was saved instead of at the top of the page. This small fix closes probably one of the oldest tickets I've closed yet for this site. (almost a year and a half it's been waiting to be taken care of!)