NE Disc App Change Log
Release v2.4.0

Release Date: 2021-05-27

Changes in release:
* Allow users to disable instant email reply notifications on account level. enhancement
* Add feature to configure disallowing anonymous posting for non-logged in users (submitter field required) enhancement
* Send Admin Email Notification on Import Upload enhancement
* Enable text compression on responses. enhancement spike
* Add site link to bottom of default epilogue enhancement
* New Mailing List Option - All messages with previews of message bodies. enhancement
* Login button should disable after being clicked while waiting for login to process enhancement
* IP Block Filter - Prefix uses contains when should use startsWith bug needed

New user features:
  • Enable/Disable email reply notifications - Registered users can now opt in or out of instant email notifications when their messages have been replied to by checking or unchecking the related checkbox on the account modify page. The default is to have these notifications enabled. Disabling this feature will turn off instant email reply notifications for all message boards on this site. Note: Admins also have the ability to turn this feature on/off on a message board level.

New admin features:
  • Disallow anonymous posting for non-logged in users - Under the security section of the admin page, message board admins can turn off "anonymous" posting. This will require the author field to be filled out for users who are not logged in before a message can be posted.
  • New mailing list option - All messages with preview - Under the mailing list section of the admin page, admins can now select a new type of daily subscription email to be sent out. This option sends a message with all new messages for the day as well as a short preview of the message body (if exists). This option was previously only available for first messages in a new thread.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this release on the Help Forum.