NE Disc App Change Log
Release v2.5.0

Release Date: 2021-06-12

Changes in this release:
* Site search results should be pageable and have a limit of results per page. enhancement nice to have
* Duplicate Stats Record for an App Causes a 500 Error - App becomes unavailable for the day. bug needed
* Page views do not get reported correctly if multiple threads access the stats service at the same time. bug
* Add From and ReplyTo fields to outgoing emails. enhancement needed

This release fixes a very rare bug where if the first page view of a message board for the day happened at the same exact time, it would cause a duplicate record in the statistics table which wasn't handled as it expected only a single record. This bugfix comes with the additional benefit of making the page view counts more accurate with the new way page views are handled.

The main site search function is now also paged if the results are larger than 10. This honestly isn't really too much of an issue today but the ticket had been opened since 2019 so I figured I would take care of it now. :)

The final change is a preemptive change for changing the source of the email correspondence from this site. The site is now accessible at and Future emails will originate from our new domain name. The new email hosting requires some extra outgoing email fields to be filled out for the messages to be sent. These fields should have been included since the beginning but were missed during the initial implementation.