NE Disc App Change Log
Release v2.6.0

Release Date: 2021-08-17

Changes/bug fixes in this release:
* Update website to new email account for outgoing messages from old account. Task
* Login page incorrectly disables log in button if login button is clicked but email field does not contain an email address. bug
* Update production database with login block by IP related table and configuration value. Task
* Add temporary lock on login action based on IP for repeated failed log ins enhancement
* Add pop up hover help on "Enable Email Reply Notifications" option under account modify page. enhancement
* Failed exports can consume all available heap memory until restart bug
* When clicking unique ip stats on page after page one, page count stats page reverts to page one bug
* Import/Export Disc App Button should be grayed with text "Please wait..." while processing. enhancement
* Disc App Import/Export exceptions are not handled. bug needed
* Import Disc App description is missing a character in text. nice to have
* Button label configurations do not have a max size limit. bug
* Url links listed "Hold Permissions" on Appearance maintenance page open in containing iframe bug
* Search apps should not return error if search query parameter is missing. bug

This release is all bug fixes and security fixes. No new user facing features added.

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