NE Disc App Change Log
Release v3.0.0

Release date: 2022-03-06

Changes/bug fixes in this release:
* Update dependency versions to latest. enhancement
* Update sitemap.xml Task
* User search logs error and redirects user back to home page. bug
* RSS Settings do not get saved when trying to update them. bug needed
* Admin section permission denied messaging isn't clear for system accounts. bug
* Make site more mobile friendly enhancement needed
* Site wide configurations should not expire in cache unless manually invalidated. enhancement
* Refactor read thread history processing enhancement
* Top message should be highlighted if sub message is new when thread view is not expanded on index. enhancement
* "x more comments" link on large expanded threads should use read thread history to set link color bug
* Check and fix CSS options for cross browser incompatibilities enhancement Task
* Site base URL should be based off of configuration instead of request bug needed
* Implement account permissions edit on edit thread page. enhancement

Besides some much needed bug fixes and security updates, there are two new features worth mentioning:

The new thread highlight now works for thread trees that expand into the "x more comments" link. Now, that link will be highlighted as a new message if any message under that link is new.

Another new feature is the account permissions quick edit being added to the thread maintenance page. This feature is only for account owners and not editors. It allows the owner of a message board to modify account permissions on the fly for registered users from the thread edit admin page. This feature was originally available on the original site but not implemented here until now. I also expanded the options to also include the permissions "None" and "Editor" as well as "Post", "Reply" and "Read".

Oh, and I almost forgot! The site overall should also be much more friendly to mobile/tablet users as well with this new update. (The admin sections haven't been changed and are still best viewed on a desktop computer)

Edit 2022-03-09: There was a small follow up bug fix for this release. Changes included can be found here: Link