NE Disc App Change Log
Release v3.2.0

Release Date: 2022-03-21

Changes/Bugfixes in this release:
* In some CSS options, create thread and view thread still doesn't look 100% correct on mobile in portrait bug
* Set create thread field tab order enhancement
* Style sheet selection for custom url or custom inline does not display inputs until after form is submitted on Chrome bug
* New Feature: Allow BBCode tags - BETA (not open to public yet) enhancement nice to have
* Default subscription URL settings shouldn't have hard coded URLs. enhancement
* Collapsed thread view should show date of latest post in thread tree as the date in on the main app view. bug
* Default forum url should be "/Indices/{appId}.html" instead of "/indices/{appId}" enhancement nice to have
* Number of threads in thread admin page shows total including unapproved messages. bug
* Add confirmation messages to thread deletion related buttons on the thread admin page. enhancement
* Deleting a parent thread from the thread admin page does not put the new sub thread moved to parent into thread activity table bug needed
* If thread is deleted while reply is being written, the submitted reply is still created as a reply to the deleted thread. bug nice to have
* "Return to messages" from edit thread coming from search does not retain the page the search was on. bug
* Update to latest spring boot version - requires code changes. enhancement needed
* Add RSS link tag to top of app view html enhancement nice to have

There's a good amount of bug fixes in this release. There's also a new BBCode feature but it's currently in beta and not available to the public just yet. That feature should go live in the next release.