NE Disc App Change Log
Release v3.5.0

Release Date: 2022-06-28

Changes/bugfixes in release:
* Custom inline CSS should be excluded from locale searching
* Update dependencies
* Invalid application id for viewing widgets displays blank page instead of a "not found" error
* Implement language code option on locale admin section
* Stray <div> tag inside table and other tag issues on create message page
* Export needs to be updated to include new thread fields
* New Feature: Export statistics to CSV
* Preview of replies or top level thread should attempt to not split words if possible when over configured limit.
* Reply preview character count not always the exact configured amount
* Site admin threads table overflows page
* When viewing a reply, only direct parent message should be in reply tree, not all.

More fixes to the reply tree when viewing messages. Also fixed some HTML on the create thread page.

Two new features in this release.

One which lets you export the stats table from the stats page on the admin section of your DiscApp to a csv (comma separated value) file.

The other new feature is the ability to set the language code of the DiscApp. This sets the "Content-Language" header as well as sets the "lang" attribute of the HTML tag. This can be useful if your DiscApp is in another language besides English. The default value is set to English for all existing and new DiscApps. This value can be changed on the Locale page in the admin section for your DiscApp.