NE Disc App Change Log
Release v3.6.0

Release date: 2022-07-08

Changes in this release:
* Import utility script needs to be updated to include new thread columns
* Update application page templates so not to generate empty <div> tags
* All application non-conformant urls should conform to style of the rest of the application pages.
* On application related pages, the "id" attribute should be added to html anchor tags that only have a "name" attribute
* When viewing a message, reply tree has leading <li> tag without starting <ul> tag.
* Create new message/reply should state what's being posted on the submit message (ether post message or post reply)
* When previewing a message with no subject, either "No Subject" or "Re: ..." should be filled in the subject field during the preview.
* Rss alternate link header should be in all application related headers
* Deleted users should not appear on the user permissions table on the security page.
* User permissions table on security page should be sorted alphabetically by username
* Security page's user permissions table overflows if username is too long or deleted user exists in list
* "Disc Apps you moderate" table on the modify account page can overflow off to the right if application name is too long.
* Subscription checkbox input tag on create message page shouldn't have label text

A lot of tickets closed in this release but most were cleaning up a bunch of formatting and small changes.