NE Disc App Change Log
Release v4.1.0

Release Date: 2023-01-25

New features/changes in release:
* Subscribers tab on the admin mailing list section should be ordered by subscribed date descending.
* Update site admin email report to include image attachment stats.
* null value in column "is_pinned" of relation "thread" violates not-null constraint
* New image upload feature to only be accessible to feature testing discapp
* Add new application configurations regarding image attachments to existing applications
* New thread_image table and has_image column on thread table need to be added.
* Thread admin search: Add option for searching for locked and pinned threads.
* Thread admin: Add checkbox to search for threads with images attached.
* Thread admin search: Pinned messages are not included in search results
* Thread admin : Remove/view image functionality to thread admin section
* Thread admin HTML generation should use StringBuilder instead of string concatenation.
* Create image upload admin documentation.
* Image upload feature uploads with application owner's client-id
* Pilot test : Update config cache to use EnumMap instead of ConcurrentHashMap for config values.
* Site Admin: Add link to invalidate application cache.
* Site admin section thread tab should have link to thread body
* New Feature: Upload and post images using imgur API

Big changes with this latest release. I've implemented a test image upload feature that utilizes Imgur's image hosting APIs. Uploaded images are stored remotely on their site but are accessible and linked to threads on this site.

As of right now, I created a new Image Attachment Test Forum to test this new feature out. It is not yet publicly available to all DiscussionApps.

Please feel free to try it out with the link above and post any questions or comments on the feature that you might have. Hopefully if all goes well, this feature can be made available to all DiscussionApps in the near future.