Mike Mihaljevich
Sat Oct 03, 2020 21:44

The only reference I'm aware of that places Doc living anywhere Sixth and Allen is provided by Billy Breakenridge:

"One dark rainy night I was tired and decided to go home, and before doing so took a walk up the street to the corner opposite the Bird Cage, to see if everything was quiet."

Then after running in to Frank Stilwell, Billy continues...

"...I turned back wondering who he was after. About the middle of the block I met Doc Holliday, who roomed a short distance up the street, on his way home."

I'm unaware of any primary documentation that establishes him as residing near this intersection.

    • Re: BreakenridgeAnonymous, Mon Oct 05 2020 17:13
      Note that Breakenridge did not warn Holliday.. Sure, he was there (Tombstone). He knew all of the players. Probably spoke to most, if not all, of them at some point. He was there in the shooting with... more
      • Doc's MoveDan Brown, Mon Oct 12 2020 21:41
        I always accepted that Doc Holliday was staying at Fly's. I had no reason not to. I can't say I would be surprised that he might move after the gunfight. But I am curious as to where in Tombstone he would... more
      • Kate's DepatrureMike Mihaljevich, Tue Oct 06 2020 10:02
        Moving to another part of town to protect Kate could not have been a factor if you believe Kate's manuscript. She claims to have left town during the inquest. In her own words: "I kept close to my... more
        • Re: Kate's DepatrureAnonymous, Tue Oct 06 2020 18:28
          Kate left Tombstone, however, she returned at least once around Christmas of '81. Doc full expected her to return. His move from Fly's was done with the purpose of putting them somewhere safer in town... more
          • The PointMike Mihaljevich, Wed Oct 07 2020 7:23
            This thread was started to open discussion about where Doc lived. Stating where he moved and why he moved without anything source to support it doesn't give open minded people anything to latch on to... more
            • Re: The PointAnonymous, Wed Oct 07 2020 14:57
              Then I recommend you keep looking? Evidence that you are not aware of does not equate to lack of evidence thereof. After the shooting EVERYONE moved for safety. With the fight happening in his side yard,... more
              • The PointMike Mihaljevich, Wed Oct 07 2020 16:43
                It's not unreasonable in a discussion board which facilitates a growing understanding these topics to inquire about the source of a claim. I'm happy to provide sources regarding anything I discuss. If... more
      • Breakenridge and the stolen horse storyAnonymous, Mon Oct 05 2020 18:27
        As mentioned in my comments above, I thought I would write out Break's story for those who may not be familiar with it. Before I do, I wanted to add one more note to my points regarding Holliday moving... more