Excellent Gobs, most people missed Chamberlain's end game...
Tue Jul 27, 6:05

Neville Chamberlain was heavily criticized especially by the British print media. He was well aware that Hitler could not be trusted to keep an agreement. His endgame as you correctly pointed out was to buy Britain time to buildup their military especially the RAF. Actually Hitler also bought time with this agreement keeping Britain out of a war and the non aggression pact with Stalin to allow for peaceful expansion while Germany planned Operation Barbarossa. Most Brits were angry that Chamberlain was fooled by Hitler on the global stage without realizing that Chamberlain's agreement actually partly accomplished it's goal. A young JFK had an inside seat to the events and wrote his college thesis manuscript which later became his book: "While England Slept" In that book JFK indicated his awareness why Chamberlain did what he did.

    • Joyce ... hope you're doing well ... British historian David Dutton wrote ... “Chamberlain made mistakes in the 1930s ... he clung too long to the hope of averting war, but it is doubtful if ... more
      • Excellent Gobs, most people missed Chamberlain's end game... — B.J., Tue Jul 27 6:05
      • fascinating depth...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 27 5:09
        ...and today we have the Anglo/American world power with a base of mud and metal. Not much to look forward to. Joyce
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