Daniel Buck
Earp phto -- $375,000, free shipping!!
Wed Jul 28, 0:51

Speaking of the Earps, JRESIN has up on eBay for a bargain $375,000 -- free shipping!! -- a tintype of the Earp brothers.


JRESIN: "My research is conclusive that this is the Earp brothers." Maybe the Poughkeepsie Earps.

If Earp is not your thing, JRESIN also has Billy the Kid tintypes for upwards of $5.225 million. But free shipping.

    • Relisted - Only $500Mel Graf, Sat Jul 24 18:37
      The note looks absolutely clownish. As an aside, I see “The Lost Story” portrait of “Earp” hasn’t gained the once promised traction. It appears that one of the authors has passed.
      • soldDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 06 6:03
        Mel, a colleague bought it at $200 (plus $210 shipping), more on a whim than anything, he said, even if it's not Earp. Which it isn't. Dan
        • I'm the colleague.Vince Garcia, Fri Aug 06 16:04
          I'm the colleague. And to update today’s activities, I thought $200 (+ $123 shipping, though I asked for a rebate as I’m sure it will be cheaper) was a decent price for a cowboy era painting from a kn... more
          • William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Robert Buckley, Fri Aug 06 17:34
            Vince , here is a biography of the “William Hildreth” that was with Jeff Milton. http://azclevelands.net/history/Hildreth/HistHildrethBill.html
            • Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Daniel Buck, Fri Aug 06 18:06
              Robert, Gracias mil. This is why Vince came to the right place. If anyone would know who the lawman Bill Hildreth was, his back story, you guys would. Most writers described this Hildreth as Bil... more
            • Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Vince Garcia, Fri Aug 06 17:40
              Ah, thank you. That would make him too young for this painting, which moves it back to Dan's first thought if there is not another adult Wm. A Hildreth floating around AZ in 1877
      • relisted, only $200Daniel Buck, Fri Jul 30 9:58
        The portrait failed to sell at $500 and is now relisted at $200, plus the $210 shipping. Soon the seller will offer to give it away, plus $210 shipping.
      • Earp phto -- $375,000, free shipping!! — Daniel Buck, Wed Jul 28 0:51
        • Re: Earp phto -- $375,000, free shipping!!Wayne Sanderson, Thu Jul 29 1:19
          It has a Make An Offer button, but when I tried to type in my offer of an expired Subway coupon for two 11 inch subs it wouldn’t take it 🤷‍♂️
      • Re: Relisted - Only $500Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 25 3:20
        When the price drops to $50, for a 19th century oil of an anonymous man by the seriously obscure Maine portraitist W.A. Hildreth, it might be a fair price.
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