Peter Brand
Terry Brand
Thu Jul 29, 0:50

Hi Robert
Yes, Mike meant me.
Terry Brand was my dad and, sadly he passed away in 2017. He was a wonderful artist and my best mate. I miss his presence every day and his artwork and his advice. He was one of the reasons I took an interest in the Old West as he was paid to illustrate for pulp western mags in the 1950s and 1960s. I have his art all around me at home and I post a couple on Facebook every now and then. He made his mark.
Cheers Robert

    • Thanks MikeRobert Buckley, Wed Jul 28 18:47
      In your last post , I think you meant to say Peter Brand , not Terry . Anyway, thanks for all you do with the podcast, I enjoy them .
      • Terry Brand — Peter Brand, Thu Jul 29 0:50
        • Peter BrandMike Mayberry, Thu Jul 29 7:21
          Sorry Peter!! I am re-reading Peter Brand’s books and relistening to our podcasts. I know I’m biased but I really like my convo’s with Peter. I miss when we don’t chat on the phone. Cheers.
        • Sydney & Botany BayB.J., Thu Jul 29 3:07
          Hey Peter, I heard they called in the troops to ride herd on Sydney residents? Looks like another TTR held captive in Botany Bay?
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