Sheffield's Silliest
He corncurs, I steel missen [nm] (nm)
Wed Aug 04, 1:35

    • I Corncur (nm)Kansas Kenny, Tue Aug 03 0:30
      • He corncurs, I steel missen [nm] (nm) — Sheffield's Silliest, Wed Aug 04 1:35
    • Maybe this is the problem?Dan Brown, Thu Jun 24 8:52
      KtK is not who he says he is and is in fact entirely someone else? The field of western history never fails to amaze me.
      • Both have been great blokes to this wimpgobs, Fri Jun 25 1:59
        Some believe it derives from the Celtic word ploc, a large, bull-headed person, or a variation of the slang term buzzgloak, meaning pickpocket.
    • Agreed, but.olds, Wed Jun 16 20:55
      One's temperament is one's temperament, and I don't know how, short of recommending therapy and being prescribed meds, one is to go about altering that. I am all for insults--as long as they are creat... more
      • College research papersB.J., Sun Jun 20 23:48
        As an undergraduate student many years ago I well remember many times submitting an assignment research paper. I would receive a letter grade and that particular assignment would be concluded. However... more
        • True.olds, Tue Jun 22 9:17
          He also "would not get very far" working with a book editor, not if each and every time that editor made a suggestion or insisted upon a change his first response would be to dig in his heels and resi... more
          • Good point Olds.....B.J., Wed Jun 23 2:21
            Many years ago the late Mark Dworkin edited the manuscript for my Schiefflin Hall Showdown article published in a now defunct history magazine. It was kinda funny because my ex wife whom is a masters ... more
            • Interesting.olds, Wed Jun 23 7:55
              I edited the manuscripts of both Mark and Paul Cool. Mark's was about Walter Noble Burns. Paul's was about the FBI's involvement in an Arizona crime investigation. Both required months and months of e... more
      • Re: Agreed, but.Dan Brown, Sun Jun 20 9:20
        The internet encourages poor behavior. There is little consequence to insulting folks online. Exercising freedom of speech is a whole lot easier when a well deserved ass-kicking ain't knocking on the ... more
        • Re: Re: Agreed, but.B.J., Wed Jun 23 2:07
          Kenny also shared another personality deficit with Glenn. He repeatedly made online posts about Allen Barra being "limp wristed" and "effeminate" After that, the Late Mark Dworkin publicly refused to ... more
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