Vince Garcia
Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939
Fri Aug 06, 2021 18:40

Ah, thank you. That would make him too young for this painting, which moves it back to Dan's first thought if there is not another adult Wm. A Hildreth floating around AZ in 1877

  • William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Robert Buckley, Fri Aug 06 2021 18:34
    Vince , here is a biography of the “William Hildreth” that was with Jeff Milton.
    • Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Daniel Buck, Fri Aug 06 2021 19:06
      Robert, Gracias mil. This is why Vince came to the right place. If anyone would know who the lawman Bill Hildreth was, his back story, you guys would. Most writers described this Hildreth as Bill... more
    • Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939 — Vince Garcia, Fri Aug 06 2021 18:40