Daniel Buck
ENDNOTES: E. Dixon Larson & supposed Wild Bunch guns
Tue Aug 10, 3:31

Here are the endnotes to the just posted excerpt from "Butch Cassidy Sought Amnesty, Fact or Folklore?":

[i]. “Legends and Facts . . . Butch Cassidy: Are the Numbers Inside the Grip of Colt SAA #158402 the Key to Butch Cassidy’s Treasure?,” E. Dixon Larson, Guns, March 1974.
Larson was born in 1922 in Logan, UT, worked for the United States Steel Corporation for almost four decades, and died in Orem, UT, in 2003. He collected and sold antique guns, published two books, Colt Tips (1972) and Remington Tips (1975), and wrote many articles for firearms periodicals. “Obituary: Ernest Dixon Larson,” Deseret News, April 1, 2003.

[ii]. “The Castlegate Colts . . . Butch Cassidy Memorabilia,” E. Dixon Larson, Guns, January 1978.

[iii]. Clair Rees, “The Wild Bunch,” Guns of the Gunfighters (1975),pp. 184-87. E. Dixon Larson, “Kid Curry, Butch Cassidy’s Gunslinger,” Gun Week, October 1 and 8, 1985; and “Worst of the Wild Bunch,’ Guns, May 1969. In his “Doc Holliday, Dentist, Gambler, Gunfighter,” Guns of the Gunfighter, pp. 122-27, Larson made a number of claims about several Holliday related weapons, which Holliday biographer Karen H. Tanner dismissed as “bogus.” Emails to author, Karen H. Tanner, October 5 and 22, 2012.

[iv]. Larson, “Worst.”

[v]. Larson, “Kid Curry.” For details of Logan’s Knoxville escape, see Sylvia Lynch, Harvey Logan in Knoxville (1998), pp. 136-53, and Smokov, pp. 265-77. For details of Logan’s suicide at Parachute, see Smokov, pp. 286-96, and Gary Wilson, Tiger of the Wild Bunch (2007), pp. 185-202.

[vi]. Logan’s attorney, John C. Houk, filed a request with a federal court in Knoxville requesting “that the bandit’s two revolvers be turned over to” him. Atlanta Constitution, September 16, 1903.

[vii]. Ron Graham, John A. Kopec, and C. Kenneth Moore, A Study of the Colt Single Action Army (5th ed. rev., 2006), p. 65; Dean K. Boorman, Guns of the Old West (2002), p. 80-1; John Hunnemann, “Temecula: Bianchi to Close Plant,” April 17, 2008, www.sandiegoreader.blogspot.com; Walter Rickell, “The Bianchi Collection,” Guns, July 1974; “Outlaw Kid Curry,” www.the autry.org; Jeffrey Richardson, Gamble Curator of Western History, Popular Culture, and Firearms, Autry National Center, emails to Daniel Buck, October 15 and 16, 2012

[viii]. Jeff Morey, email to Daniel Buck, September 29, 2012.

[ix]. Lee Silva, email to Daniel Buck, October 17, 2012.

[x]. John Bossenecker, email to Daniel Buck, October 2, 2012. On the subject of antique gun fraud, Larson was an expert in more ways than one. In January 1974 article, “Don’t Let Them Fool You!,” for the Arms Gazette, an antique gun periodical, Larson provided tips on how to avoid being taken by altered or otherwise fake weapons. Gun collectors, he wrote, “are always confronted with the problem of misrepresentation through ‘fakery’.” He said there were “seasoned advanced collectors” who became “fooled to such an extent that they have become disillusioned, sold their collections, and retired from the fraternity.”

[xi]. Richard Ignarski, telephone conversation with Daniel Buck, October 10, 2012.

[xii]. Quoted in Rick Sapp, The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Fakes and Reproductions (2008), p. 26. Gun authority Jim Supica created a system for rating “historically associated” weapons. See Jim Supica, “Pieces of History: A Proposed Rating System for Historically Associated Firearms,” in S.P. Fjestad, Blue Book of Gun Values (16th ed., 1995), pp. 87-95. “In historical attribution, skepticism must rule,” Supica advised, cautioning specifically about guns that come with a stack of documents, which often upon closer inspection prove to be dubious or irrelevant.

[xiii]. Mark Sisco, Maine Antique Digest, January 2012.

[xiv]. For the catalog listing, see “Lot # 550 Information,” “Historic Wild West & Estates 2-Day Auction,” September 29-30, 2012, wwwcaliforniauctioneers.com. The press release and video, prepared by RMK Services, can be found at: www.colt45.com.

[xv]. “Butch Cassidy’s ‘Amnesty Colt” Sells for $175,000,” Kit Stolz, Ventura County (CA) Star, September 30, 2012; “Gun Owned by Butch Cassidy Auctioned in California,” Associated Press, Salt Lake Tribune, October 1, 2012.

[xvi]. Per the 1900 Federal Census, in June 1900, Alfred Moyle, age 29, was living in Mercur, Tooele County, occupation, bookeeper. Whitney Goodrich, age 41, was living in Mammoth, Juab County, occupation, Justice of the Peace. Source: 1900 Federal Census, Ancestry.com. Goodrich was re-elected Mammoth Justice of the Peace in November 1898. Source: “Minute Book,” Juab County, Utah, p. 184, 1898, USA&USH. The Salt Lake Tribune, 31 January 1900, reported that a miner (coincidentally named Moyle, but apparently unrelated to Alfred) in Mammoth had died in an explosion, and that “Justice of the Peace Goodrich of Mammoth will hold an inquest.”
Alfred Moyle ran for Mammoth JP in 1906 and lost, and ran again in 1908 and won. Source: “Minute Book,”Juab County, Utah, p. 233, 1906, USA&USH, and Eureka (UT) Reporter, November 6, 1908.

[xvii]. John W. Neilson, letter to E. Dixon Larson, Summer 1967, “Lot # 550 Information.”

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[xxi]. Charles Rich “Charlie” Hanks, interview by E. Dixon Larson, Green River, Utah, September 1969, “Lot # 550 Information.”

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[xxiv]. Jim Earle, email to Daniel Buck, September 26, 2012.

[xxv]. E. Dixon Larson, Memorandum, August 22, 1973, “Lot # 550 Information.”

[xxvi]. Rees, “The Wild Bunch,” Guns; Jim Earle, letter to Ron Lukas, November 13, 1979, “Lot # 550 Information.”

    • E. Dixon Larson's 5 guns all soldDaniel Buck, Tue Aug 31 3:41
      All five of the guns at the 27 August 2021 Bonhams auction of the Earle collection that had been linked to E. Dixon Larson sold. The extremely dubious Harvey Logan Colt topping the totem at $62,812 i... more
    • E. Dixon Larson & supposed Wild Bunch gunaDaniel Buck, Tue Aug 10 3:26
      E. Dixon Larson is to guns what Little Big Man is to Old West history. Below is a an excerpt from "Butch Cassidy Sought Amnesty, Fact of Folklore?," Daniel Buck, Wild West History Association Journ... more
      • ENDNOTES: E. Dixon Larson & supposed Wild Bunch guns — Daniel Buck, Tue Aug 10 3:31
    • Re: E. Dixon Larson & the Earle auctionPam Potter, Mon Aug 09 13:03
      Very interesting, Thanks, Dan. I am glad you posted it on the WWHA FB page well.
      • Re: Re: E. Dixon Larson & the Earle auctionWayne Sanderson, Mon Aug 09 19:39
        Ah, EDL... The wondrous discoverer of more heretofore undiscovered Wild Bunch guns than there ever were Wild Bunch guns... There's a rumor he faked his death, adopted a new name and now hawks newly... more
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