Jerry Prather
Stewart, Hepburn, and Lombard
Sun Aug 22, 16:24

Robert Matzen has written excellent books on this subject. MISSION: JIMMY STEWART AND THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE tells how Stewart saw the war coming early and did everything he could to join the military and get assigned to combat flights in Europe, often overcoming the resistance of MGM and the armed forces to do so. DUTCH GIRL: AUDREY HEPBURN AND WORLD WAR II relates her story as a young girl during the war. She lived in the town where the battle depicted in A BRIDGE TOO FAR occurred. FIREBALL: CAROLE LOMBARD AND THE MYSTERY OF FLIGHT 3 tells the story of the crash that killed Lombard and 21 others that occurred on her return home from selling war bonds. All excellent reading.

    • Re: Re: Re: Did John Wayne avoid military service?Daniel Buck, Sun Aug 22 13:06
      The bright side: Some actors, like Jimmy Stewart, fought to get in the military and once in, did their best. Here's a few who served in the military and related efforts during WWII: https://www... more
      • Tyrone was a Marine aviator and served in the pacific. At the age of forty-eight, Dashiell Hammett enlisted as a private in the army. Three years later he was honorably discharged as a sergeant. An... more
      • Stewart, Hepburn, and Lombard — Jerry Prather, Sun Aug 22 16:24
        • Re: Stewart, Hepburn, and LombardDaniel Buck, Sun Aug 22 17:40
          Excellent. Thanks. Coincidentally, as we speak, Josephine Baker's remains will soon be re-interred at the Pantheon mausoleum in Paris: more
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