Dan Brown
Re: Re: Did John Wayne avoid military service?
Fri Aug 27, 19:03

Wayne didn't get off easy, his mentor, John Ford reminded Wayne quite often that he did not serve. During the making of They Were Expendable Ford humilated Wayne over this on the set and Robert Montgomery told Ford to never do that in front of him again.

As you point out, Wayne was in his forties, was married, and had four kids. And his career was finally getting somewhere. Considering his age and career, it's unlikey that he would have been assigned to a combat unit. He served his country well enough pumping out morale buiilding movies.

We all need a little irony in our lives.

    • Re: Did John Wayne avoid military service?Daniel Buck, Sun Aug 22 11:35
      There are varied reasons given for John Wayne not serving in WWII, perhaps some apocryphal, for example, https://www.military.com/history/why-john-wayne-was-labeled-draft-dodger-during-world-war-i... more
      • Thx Daniel, I remember reading that although Ronald Reagan served in the military he was mostly used for PR purposes including making pro war movies and sometimes involved in media recruitment ads as ... more
        • Re: Re: Re: Did John Wayne avoid military service?Daniel Buck, Sun Aug 22 13:06
          The bright side: Some actors, like Jimmy Stewart, fought to get in the military and once in, did their best. Here's a few who served in the military and related efforts during WWII: https://www... more
          • Tyrone was a Marine aviator and served in the pacific. At the age of forty-eight, Dashiell Hammett enlisted as a private in the army. Three years later he was honorably discharged as a sergeant. An... more
          • Stewart, Hepburn, and LombardJerry Prather, Sun Aug 22 16:24
            Robert Matzen has written excellent books on this subject. MISSION: JIMMY STEWART AND THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE tells how Stewart saw the war coming early and did everything he could to join the military a... more
            • Re: Stewart, Hepburn, and LombardDaniel Buck, Sun Aug 22 17:40
              Excellent. Thanks. Coincidentally, as we speak, Josephine Baker's remains will soon be re-interred at the Pantheon mausoleum in Paris: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/22/josephine-baker... more
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