Daniel Buck
E. Dixon Larson's 5 guns all sold
Tue Aug 31, 3:41

All five of the guns at the 27 August 2021 Bonhams auction of the Earle collection that had been linked to E. Dixon Larson sold. The extremely dubious Harvey Logan Colt topping the totem at $62,812 including premium.

Not a good day for caveat emptor.

  • E. Dixon Larson & the Earle auctionDaniel Buck, Sun Aug 08 18:15
    A colleague alerted me to the inclusion in the sale of a "Colt Single Action attributed to 'Kid Curry'," lot 25, which per the Bonham's Catalog Jim and Theresa Earle had apparently purchased from E. D... more
    • E. Dixon Larson's 5 guns all sold — Daniel Buck, Tue Aug 31 3:41
    • Re: E. Dixon Larson & the Earle auctionPam Potter, Mon Aug 09 13:03
      Very interesting, Thanks, Dan. I am glad you posted it on the WWHA FB page well.
      • Re: Re: E. Dixon Larson & the Earle auctionWayne Sanderson, Mon Aug 09 19:39
        Ah, EDL... The wondrous discoverer of more heretofore undiscovered Wild Bunch guns than there ever were Wild Bunch guns... There's a rumor he faked his death, adopted a new name and now hawks newly... more
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