Mike Mihaljevich
Anthology - Chapter 49
Sun Sep 12, 12:13


Clearly my statement "nothing further came of his [Charles Morgan Wood's] interest in Breakenridge's story or the information he obtained" is incorrect given Frank Lockwood's credit to his endeavors. I hadn't made that connection. As always (ch 49) is a well written and supported article highlighting a significant step in the evolution of Wyatt's legend. It's very easy to identify with the enthusiastic pursuits of Wood and Lockwood to obtain first person accounts in an era that saw that opportunity closing swiftly. How many of us would have joined that chase?


    • Charles Morgan WoodRoy B Young, Tue Jun 29 9:18
      Mike, may I suggest you read my article, "Wyatt Earp Talks 'Pretty': A Look at Wyatt Earp's Interaction with Interviewers, Writers and Historians." It covers a good bit about Charles Morgan Wood. It... more
      • Anthology - Chapter 49 — Mike Mihaljevich, Sun Sep 12 12:13
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