Re: Unvaccinated
Wed Sep 15, 22:38

Choosing to not vaccinate is also another word for homicide.

Really disgusting that parents refusing to wear a mask in public and refusing to be vaccinated go out in public and then come home and expose their young children to delta variant covid.

It is difficult enough for ICU Nurses to try and save infected adult patients on ventilators but trying to save innocent pre-school children on ventilators is emotionally traumatic for pediatric ICU staff.

Looking at this scenario from a strictly behavioral health perspective this qualifies as narcissistic personality disorder.

Parents asking staff if their young children are going to survive?

Parents asking the hospital chaplain why did God allow this to happen?

This pandemic looks much different to medical front line staff than it looks to the average blue collar worker.

    • UnvaccinatedTom Moy, Tue Sep 14 19:22
      Choosing to not vaccinate is another word for suicide. Over a thousand die every day. It would take 22 plus years for all the unvaccinated to die for the U.S. to reach herd immunity. In 2020 a young p... more
      • Re: Unvaccinated — B.J., Wed Sep 15 22:38
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