Mike Mayberry
John Boessenecker
Sun Oct 31, 17:15

I just loaded my newest podcast with John Boessenecker as we discuss his new book about Pearl Hart. Tap on the iTunes link to listen.


    • Re: John Boesseneckernjuham, Thu Nov 04 15:11
      That was interesting, just ordered the book.
      • The many adventures of Lillie DavyJerry Prather, Sun Nov 07 8:20
        I finished reading the book this morning. What a wild ride and a fun read. Sister Katy, the lady parachute jumper, among other things, is almost as interesting as her stage robbing sister.
      • Pearl HartMike Mayberry, Thu Nov 04 16:59
        Glad you liked it. You’re gonna love this new book from John.
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