Roy B Young
Great bit of history
Thu Nov 04, 13:24

Thanks, Steve. Nice to have this piece from the KC Times. I know there is currently a work in progress, by a credible Georgia author who is claiming to have new evidence of who "killed" John Ringo. We'll see.

    • It seems to me that this reporter dug a little further to get some details about his death and his background. This is the only contemporary reference to Ringo reportedly having a wife that I can rec... more
      • Great bit of history — Roy B Young, Thu Nov 04 13:24
        • Re: Great bit of historySteve Gatto, Fri Nov 05 11:18
          Hi Roy, I guess we'll see what he has to support his conclusion that someone killed John Ringo. Personally, I believe that the evidence that Ringo killed himself continues to get stronger. I'... more
          • Re: Re: Great bit of historyBob Cash, Wed Nov 10 21:48
            Steve, if you don't have this already, you may find it interesting. Fort Worth Record, PAGE 37, Sunday, April 13, 1913, by Taylor Thompson. It's available on I will try to summarize it... more
            • Re: Re: Re: Great bit of historySteve Gatto, Thu Nov 11 14:35
              Bob, Yes, I've seen this article. I pretty much search on a weekly or even daily basis.
      • Great work, SteveCasey Tefertiller, Tue Oct 26 7:18
        This is a terrific find, Steve. I have never seen a reference to a wife, either.
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