Steve Gatto
Re: Great bit of history
Fri Nov 05, 11:18

Hi Roy,

I guess we'll see what he has to support his conclusion that someone killed John Ringo. Personally, I believe that the evidence that Ringo killed himself continues to get stronger.

I'm just about done with a complete revision of my last book on John Ringo that was published during 2002. I did a lot of research on Ringo in Texas during the 1980s and 1990s. However, since moving to the Texas Hill Country in January 2013, and residing only about 60 miles from Mason, Texas, I have had some pretty good success in digging even deeper into Ringo's activities in Texas. Last month, on the way to a conference in Fort Worth I ran across a criminal charge for John Ringo in 1879. The 1879 charge was nothing earth shattering but it does help with his timeline before arriving in Arizona by December 1879.

At this point I can basically track John Ringo prior to the Mason County War, from his birth in 1850 through December 1873, and then in Texas in 1874 when he shot off a pistol in Burnet on December 25, 1874.

    • Great bit of historyRoy B Young, Thu Nov 04 13:24
      Thanks, Steve. Nice to have this piece from the KC Times. I know there is currently a work in progress, by a credible Georgia author who is claiming to have new evidence of who "killed" John Ringo. ... more
      • Re: Great bit of history — Steve Gatto, Fri Nov 05 11:18
        • Re: Re: Great bit of historyBob Cash, Wed Nov 10 21:48
          Steve, if you don't have this already, you may find it interesting. Fort Worth Record, PAGE 37, Sunday, April 13, 1913, by Taylor Thompson. It's available on I will try to summarize it... more
          • Re: Re: Re: Great bit of historySteve Gatto, Thu Nov 11 14:35
            Bob, Yes, I've seen this article. I pretty much search on a weekly or even daily basis.
    • Great work, SteveCasey Tefertiller, Tue Oct 26 7:18
      This is a terrific find, Steve. I have never seen a reference to a wife, either.
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