Mike Mayberry
Nicholas Cataldo - The Earp’s in Southern California
Sun Nov 14, 11:50

I just loaded my newest podcast with Nicholas Cataldo. We discuss how he got into western history and his book: The Earp Clan: The Southern California Years. Tap on the iTunes link to listen.


    • Re: The Earps in Southern CaliforniaLinda Wommack, Mon Nov 15 3:02
      There is a new book out by WWHA members David De Hass and Don Chaput titled The Earps Invade Southern California. BTW Mike, I owe you a return phone call soon. Linda Wommack
      • The Earp’s in So CalMike Mayberry, Mon Nov 15 7:34
        You can find my podcast with David on every podcast channel. Search for CochiseCounty_Travels on a podcast channel near you. We discuss the Earp’s and their travels in Los Angeles County.
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