Sarah Stegall
Thu Nov 18, 0:46

"...I shouldn't be shooting off my mouth in such a negative way."

Well, coming from the point of view of an outsider/tourist who hasn't seen the place since 15 years ago--yeah. I can definitely see some deterioration. Some of it is understandable; Covid is wiping out small businesses right and left, and tourist oriented businesses are the first to go. But I found a couple of things disturbing this time.

The first thing was the books. If there are any bookstores in the downtown district that sell *mostly* books, I didn't see them in two days. Books seemed to be an after-thought, tucked away behind movie memorabilia and T-shirts. Granted, most tourists only know the story told in the Kurt Russell movie, but still--NO biographies of Wyatt? Not one? I saw ONE copy of Casey's book, and it was a well-thumbed copy kept behind a cash register (as a reference, perhaps?). NO other books--no Gary Roberts, no Bob Palmquist, no John Boessnecker. I saw two copies of Joyce's book about the Cowboys. I saw many copies of Karen Tanner's book on Doc. No other books of consequence, not even any fiction (no Bruce Olds). Really????

Second, the gunfight re-enactment. I understand Joyce's comment about "the extremes that are going on", when the story of the gunfight is played out with no Ike Clanton, no Billy Claiborn, and the drunken fool roaring around town threatening the Earps is Frank McLaury, not Ike. What the heck?

I will say, however, that the actor playing Doc was exceptional. He nailed that character. Also, the court house museum was very well done; I was glad to see Josie Earp's papers are kept there.

But there are parts of that neighborhood I would not walk in at night. Scary people.

Joyce, you are right. Apathy, ignorance and greed are killing that golden goose.

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