Eddie Lanham
Sun Nov 28, 2021 13:33

No I have not, as I do not have a copy of that book. I did talk with Chuck Parsons and he did not have much on the subject.

  • Ringo arrestRandolph W. Farmer, Sun Nov 28 2021 11:54
    Have you checked David Johnson’s book on Ringo?
    • Book — Eddie Lanham, Sun Nov 28 2021 13:33
      • More infoEddie Lanham, Sun Nov 28 2021 13:38
        From Mark Warren: The only mention I know of is in David Johnson’s book, John Ringo, Barbed Wire Press. It merely states that in the middle of Ringo’s entanglement in the Texas courts, after a year in... more
    • RingoSharon Cunningham, Sun Nov 28 2021 13:29
      Was just going to suggest Dave's book, p. 104 or, Rick Miller's book on J.B. Jones OR Chuck Parsons' on N.O. Reynolds. Eddie, a Friend who lives near the Ranger Museum in Waco, goes there practically... more
      • RangerEddie Lanham, Sun Nov 28 2021 13:37
        Thanks Sharon!!! Maybe your friend can find more info. Please call Pam, as we need a look-up in Waco. She can give you the information. Please! I will post what Mark Warren sent me from the Johnson... more
        • RingoSharon Cunningham, Mon Nov 29 2021 7:33
          Eddie, Bob and Jan have 'connections' to the Ranger Museum and said they will keep an eye out any info on your query. But, think there isn't anything more than Folks have posted for you here. Can I... more
          • WacoEddie Lanham, Mon Nov 29 2021 8:13
            Sharon, Pam has all of that information we gathered on Reynolds. What I need from WACO is all information on JOSEPH L. TUMLINSON (AKA: TOMLINSON) Please note that there is a father, 2 brothers, and... more
            • Wacogobs, Thu Dec 02 2021 8:05
              Eddie ... you probably have all the below but this book is beyond my slender means Fuel For A Feud (The Taylors, the Tumlinsons, & The Feud) by Marjorie Lee Burnett M.B. Hyatt, 1990 Texas ... more
              • Reynolds/TumlinsonEddie Lanham, Thu Dec 02 2021 16:34
                Thanks you for the information. Our next step is to attempt to convince the Fredericksburg Range folks. Joseph Tumlinson was also head of a DeWitt Co TX Militia unit during the 1861-65 war. "Capt Joseph... more
              • Wacogobs, Thu Dec 02 2021 8:10
                The census was for Tumlinson, Joseph, Dimmit County Sheriff NOT John "Pegleg" (1848-Jan 31, 1920), son of Captain Joe
            • Wacogobs, Tue Nov 30 2021 6:03
              Is there not enough here? https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=U1paKcqmEJUC&pg=PA296&lpg=PA296&dq=tumlinson+Treaty+of+Peace+texas+3d+January+1874&source=bl&ots=zGSsispVuA&sig=ACfU3U2XHxAXehVMRZsjJR... more
              • TexasEddie Lanham, Tue Nov 30 2021 11:03
                There are 2 TX Ranger groups. The one in Fredericksburg, TX supplies the Texas "Cross" markers. Their "historian" who is confused because of other Tumlinsons that were also Rangers, stated that Capt Joe... more