Eddie Lanham
Thu Dec 02, 2021 17:34

Thanks you for the information. Our next step is to attempt to convince the Fredericksburg Range folks.
Joseph Tumlinson was also head of a DeWitt Co TX Militia unit during the 1861-65 war. "Capt Joseph Tumlinson's Mounted Minute Men"
I have a copy of the index card, but not the actual records for his unit.
Joseph's brother Peter also had a unit and his son Joseph served with his father.
We found Joseph's grave last year on his former land in DeWitt Co. TX.

  • Wacogobs, Thu Dec 02 2021 9:05
    Eddie ... you probably have all the below but this book is beyond my slender means Fuel For A Feud (The Taylors, the Tumlinsons, & The Feud) by Marjorie Lee Burnett M.B. Hyatt, 1990 Texas ... more
    • Reynolds/Tumlinson — Eddie Lanham, Thu Dec 02 2021 17:34
    • Wacogobs, Thu Dec 02 2021 9:10
      The census was for Tumlinson, Joseph, Dimmit County Sheriff NOT John "Pegleg" (1848-Jan 31, 1920), son of Captain Joe