Daniel Buck
Part 2: "A Story Retold is a Story Improved"
Sat Dec 11, 2021 10:10

Last June, we left undecided hereabouts the question of whether Tombstone stage operator Howard C. Walker was the same Howard C. Walker who later relocated to Mexico and was the father of Leo D. Walker, the fiery Carrancista newspaper editor in Laredo who in 1916 was arrested by a Texas Ranger and month later kidnapped by a vigilante mob and forced across the Rio Grande into Mexico.

Just posted in the December WWHA Saddlebag is part two of "A Story Retold is a Story Improved: Jovita Idar and the Texas Rangers," with new details about the arrest and who was among the mob. Howard C. Walker gets a mention in passing, but I'm still undecided on the possible Tombstone link.


    • RangersEddie Lanham, Sun Dec 19 2021 3:17
      Keep up the quality research Dan.
      • turn every pageDaniel Buck, Sun Dec 19 2021 9:59
        In the immortal words of veteran NEWSDAY editor Alan Hathaway, uttered in 1959 to then cub reporter Robert Caro, telling him the secret to investigative reporting: “Turn every page. Never assume a... more
        • RocksEddie Lanham, Mon Dec 20 2021 3:13
          "Leave no stone unturned" (Look under every rock)
          • rabbit holesDaniel Buck, Mon Dec 20 2021 3:40
            And in the extreme, leave no rabbit hole unexplored.
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