Daniel Buck
turn every page
Sun Dec 19, 2021 9:59

In the immortal words of veteran NEWSDAY editor Alan Hathaway, uttered in 1959 to then cub reporter Robert Caro, telling him the secret to investigative reporting:

“Turn every page. Never assume anything. Turn every goddam page.”

Easier said than done, I might add. Dan

    • RangersEddie Lanham, Sun Dec 19 2021 3:17
      Keep up the quality research Dan.
      • turn every page — Daniel Buck, Sun Dec 19 2021 9:59
        • RocksEddie Lanham, Mon Dec 20 2021 3:13
          "Leave no stone unturned" (Look under every rock)
          • rabbit holesDaniel Buck, Mon Dec 20 2021 3:40
            And in the extreme, leave no rabbit hole unexplored.
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