Roy B Young
Thank You
Wed Dec 22, 8:03

Thanks, Dan. The "job" is difficult, time-consuming, and at times frustrating, but we continue to do our best to put out a quality product.

Many will be surprised to see in my response to Pam Potter's letter to the editor that the OK Corral gunfight took place on October 25th. Revisionist history or a typo? Those typos seem to creep into every issue.

    • Re: Merry ChristmasB.J., Thu Dec 23 7:42
      Thanks Roy, I appreciate the acknowledgment however the real credit is to Erik Erikson whom personally resurrected this history page from the dead after the closure of the webapps. Erik went through a... more
      • Credit where credit is dueRoy B Young, Thu Dec 23 7:48
        Hi, BJ. I appreciate the information and clarification and extend "thanks" to Erik for all he has done to keep this discussion board going. The contribution it has made to Wild West history should n... more
    • Post OfficeEddie Lanham, Wed Dec 22 3:25
      Merry Christmas to you too. As per my local postmaster, the delivery problems that occurred last Christmas are long gone, as this season people started mailing packages and cards in October.
      • Late Journal deliveriesRoy B Young, Wed Dec 22 7:58
        I wish your postmaster was right, and in some cases he is. However, the Journal was given to the printer for printing and binding on November 12th, mailed to the membership on December 6th and here w... more
        • Re: Late Journal deliveriesWayne Sanderson, Wed Dec 22 20:26
          Instead of the magazine package reading WWHA Journal, paste an insert to it that says “Electric Bill” and they’ll arrive in three days after mailing 🤣
          • Great ideaRoy B Young, Thu Dec 23 7:49
            Hmmmm. Perhaps you are on to something Wayne! Thanks.
    • Re: Merry ChristmasDaniel Buck, Tue Dec 21 17:43
      Thanks Roy. Many thanks for your stalwart efforts putting out the Journal. May Santa bless your home. Merry Xmas, Dan
      • Thank You — Roy B Young, Wed Dec 22 8:03
        • Re: Thank YouDaniel Buck, Wed Dec 22 9:56
          Typos are Dog's way of reminding us we are human.
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