Wayne Sanderson
Re: Late Journal deliveries
Wed Dec 22, 2021 20:26

Instead of the magazine package reading WWHA Journal, paste an insert to it that says “Electric Bill” and they’ll arrive in three days after mailing 🤣

    • Late Journal deliveriesRoy B Young, Wed Dec 22 2021 7:58
      I wish your postmaster was right, and in some cases he is. However, the Journal was given to the printer for printing and binding on November 12th, mailed to the membership on December 6th and here w... more
      • Re: Late Journal deliveries — Wayne Sanderson, Wed Dec 22 2021 20:26
        • Great ideaRoy B Young, Thu Dec 23 2021 7:49
          Hmmmm. Perhaps you are on to something Wayne! Thanks.
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