Joyce A. Aros
Paul J....
Thu Dec 23, 2021 15:32

Thank you, Paul.

As usual, your memory out-paces you. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Kate was watching the whole thing from an upper window, but as there was only one story in the building, how could that be? My memory is becoming more challenging everyday!

Also, if she were such an eye-witness, what Defense lawyer would pass her over as a key witness?

I've never read the book about her so am ignorant of further information as she never really interested me too much. Will try to find the info from your suggestion. Thank you for the assistance!


    • Mazzonavichpaul j, Wed Dec 22 2021 14:45
      Joyce - I believe the source was Anton Mazzonavich, probably writing for the Brewery Gulch Gazette. If I remember correctly, he interviewed Mary Cummings before she died. - paul
      • Paul J.... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Dec 23 2021 15:32
        • Re: Paul J....Bob Cash, Fri Dec 24 2021 9:22
          I think the only source for Kate seeing the street fight is in her alleged letter to her niece, Lillian Rafferty. She says she viewed the fight from her window in Fly's boarding house, not from an upp... more
          • Rafferty?paul j, Sat Dec 25 2021 8:32
            Bob - Was Kate related to the Rafferty family in Tombstone? Capt. John P Rafferty was politically active in Tombstone in the early 1880s. His daughter Nellie dressed up as "Goddess of Liberty" to ce... more
            • Re: Rafferty?Bob Cash, Sat Dec 25 2021 10:41
              All I know is that Kate's niece was named Lillian Rafferty and she is who Kate is supposed to have written the letter to. Here are some archived posts on the letter. more
              • Rafferty or Rafert ?Robert Buckley, Sat Dec 25 2021 22:36
                I have Kate’s niece as Lillian May Lane Rafert ( 1879-1940) . Lillian’s mother was Kate’s sister, Rosalia. Her father, Ephriam Lane, died in 1879,same year Lillian was born . Rosalia married two more ... more
                • Maybe nietherBob Cash, Sun Dec 26 2021 15:21
                  Robert, I think I found where "Rafferty" got put into the mix: Gary Roberts cites "Raffert" with two f's in his Do... more
                  • Back to the bottom line......Joyce A. Aros, Sun Dec 26 2021 16:57
                    If there is any truth to the story of her, Kate, observing the shoot-out from Fly's boarding house window, depending on her shaky relationship with Holliday...why would not the Defense want her for a ... more
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