Jerry Prather
Fri Dec 24, 2021 14:47

Dan, thanks for posting her review. Joan confirmed her nearly life long love affair with John Wayne in the magazine article JOHN WAYNE: A LOVE STORY, which is reprinted in her book SLOUCHING TOWARDS BETHLEHEM. She wrote it after visiting the filming of THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER. She says the affair began in 1943 when she was eight years old and watching WAR OF THE WILDCATS. It's nice to learn that at least one good thing came out of that movie. Perhaps she will be eternally smiling and drinking wine with The Duke while guitars are playing the theme from The High and the Mighty.

    • Article on the Donner PartyCasey Tefertiller, Sun Dec 26 2021 4:10
      SFGate did a big Christmastime article on the Donner Party:
      • Re: Article on the Donner PartyDaniel Buck, Sun Dec 26 2021 9:15
        Casey, the article didn't mention Joan Didion, which prompted me to wonder how exactly is she a descendant of a Donner Party member. Per a 1979 New York Times profile, more
        • Thanks, DanCasey Tefertiller, Mon Dec 27 2021 5:37
          That is interesting.
          • Didion & HemingwayDaniel Buck, Mon Dec 27 2021 13:41
            Another of Joan Didion's lodestars was Ernest Hemingway. Here's something she wrote about him in 1998:
    • Joan Didion & The AlamoDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 24 2021 11:46
      Two things you might not know about Joan Didion (three if we include the Donner Party), in the 1950s and 1960s she wrote for National Review and she was a John Wayne fan. Here is her review of The Al... more
      • Re: Joan Didion & The AlamoDan Brown, Sat Jan 01 0:35
        Joan Didion wrote about Wayne more than once; she was a true fan. Her review of The Alamo was spot on. What she really liked a out the film was Wayne. Which is fair enough, I guess, although she short... more
      • JOHN WAYNE: A LOVE SONG — Jerry Prather, Fri Dec 24 2021 14:47
        • Re: JOHN WAYNE: A LOVE SONGDaniel Buck, Sat Dec 25 2021 1:44
          Jerry, Thanks. Joan Didion and John Wayne, quite a combo. Aside from being a cold-eyed observer of the human race, she had provocatively contrarian instincts. She once wrote for the New York Review ... more
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