Joyce A. Aros
Back to the bottom line......
Sun Dec 26, 2021 16:57

If there is any truth to the story of her, Kate, observing the shoot-out from Fly's boarding house window, depending on her shaky relationship with Holliday...why would not the Defense want her for a witness or why would the Prosecution not want her? It seems hard to believe that neither one was after her as the absolute star witness!

On the other hand, I cannot believe she was back in Tombstone in Doc's good graces after the earlier account of her singing to Behan about Doc's involvement in the Benson stage debacle. Was Doc that drunk, needy, or forgiving???

Would the Earps have supported his bringing her back into their circle? The whole thing is downright silly-sounding!


    • Maybe nietherBob Cash, Sun Dec 26 2021 15:21
      Robert, I think I found where "Rafferty" got put into the mix: Gary Roberts cites "Raffert" with two f's in his Do... more
      • Back to the bottom line...... — Joyce A. Aros, Sun Dec 26 2021 16:57
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