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Ambush article in T S TIMES
Fri Dec 31, 15:10

I'm sorry if I stir the pot here, but!

The article was OK in describing the events of Virgils attempted assassination - then the usual cowboys can do no wrong the Earps are trash begins.

THE COWBOYS did come into town more then it was stated in the article. Ike was in town on the 20th of OCT and returned 5 days later, for example.

The cowboys can't walk anywhere therefore they could not have hid their horses in the Gulch.

Well IKE put his wagon in the Westside Corral on 2nd street when he arrived on the 25th and Ike and Tom walked everywhere for 2 days. Horses were banned on Allen Street to be hitched in front of businesses. They could not of had them close!

Ikes hat is a real question no doubt!

Cowboy never used shotguns!

An excerpt from an article on guns in the west:

"Although the rifle and six-gun usually take the bows for winning the West, it was the double-barreled shotgun as much as any firearm that was responsible for bringing civilization to the frontier. Many of the early pioneers invested everything they had, in order to make the overland trek out West, leaving little money for weaponry. The best and certainly one of the most economical and versatile firearms for hunting and defense in a wild, hostile land was the twin-barreled scattergun. Whether muzzle loader or breech-loading cartridge gun, many thousands of shotguns from a variety of makers and countries were the mainstay of settlers, lawmen, express companies, Native Americans, soldiers, ranchers and hunters. Gunmen like Indian Territory lawman Heck Thomas and gambler John H. “Doc” Holiday also used scatterguns. Virtually everyone, good or bad, who needed a weapon recognized the value of the old side by side."

A shotgun would have been a can't miss for the assassin's across the intersection. At least it was not blamed on a Citizen Safety Committee as before on this board.

It was Ike and Ringo who had a great deal of animosity toward the Earps after the fight. Just look at the almost fight on Jan 17th between Ringo and Doc in front of the Cosmopolitan Saloon. They believed the "MURDER HYPE." So they would seem likely suspects. They did keep a room at the Grand to keep an eye on things!

Ikes trial was when Wyatt was told by judge Stillwell that he would never get a conviction in town that he was better off to leave them in the bush! CHICAGO 1920S all over again! I don't think McMasters was one of the dishonest cowboys who testified for Ike.

This is the person who states: "The cowboys MAY have rustled A FEW CATTLE from mexico." PLEASE!! The cowboys dressed nice in town because they were making so much money from stolen cattle sales. Just look at the money Tom had on his dead body after the fight.

I guess I feel a little better now.

    • the guilty party....Joyce A. Aros, Fri Dec 31 16:54
      ...that would be me, regarding the article you referred to. Frankly, I am appreciative you even bothered to read it as many see my name and do not choose to as I have a difficult time believing everyt... more
      • Forgot to mention...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Jan 09 6:43
        When one plans to assassinate someone on the street in a busy town, one usually does not leave their get-away car three blocks away and down in a gulch as described in the 'Virgil account.' Better pla... more
        • Obvious goalsMike Mihaljevich, Sun Jan 09 22:27
          As always, your priority is to preserve the valor of the Boys and not to contribute to meaningful, objective conversation. This bias makes it impossible to take your comments seriously and is at time... more
          • Obvious goals?Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 10 6:06
            Hello Mike, I certainly would not want to ask you to waste valuable time explaining what you find wrong with my comments and why they have no practical value, but I am lost as to exactly which comm... more
          • The "Dirty Deed"Eddie Lanham, Mon Jan 10 3:38
            There is no doubt who shot Virgil and Morgan. All were cowards of the lowest form who assassinated their victims under the cover of darkness.
            • Re: The "Dirty Deed"Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 10 6:10
              Eddie,I am hoping you might offer some actual evidence to support such a strong statement?
              • MurderEddie Lanham, Mon Jan 10 16:01
                Roy B. Young confirmed what Wyatt and others thought. Assassin: The premeditated act of killing someone suddenly or secretively, especially a prominent person.
                • Murder! Perhaps...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 10 16:24
                  Eddie, We all know what Wyatt THOUGHT, but what is the actual evidence? Most of Wyatt's THOUGHTS didn't demonstrate any real support and usually the names he used to back himself up were people who w... more
                  • Dirty Deed 2Eddie Lanham, Wed Jan 12 3:47
                    Besides Wyatt's testimony, McMaster testified that he had a conversation with Ike in Charleston the night of the shooting in which he (Ike) said he'd "have to go back and do the job over". Also, Parso... more
                    • Dirty deed 2...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jan 12 6:08
                      Hi Eddie, Well, from my side of the coin, one can only imagine Ike's disappointment over the failed success of the attempt to finish off an Earp after his brother's killing. Not unusual to make such ... more
                      • RanchersEddie Lanham, Wed Jan 12 9:25
                        Joyce, We could go back and forth on this for days and never agree. I honestly believe that the McLaurys were ranchers, but I believe the Clantons, at least the "Old Man" and Ike, were as my mother wo... more
                        • Eddie;ranchers....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jan 12 9:47
                          Hi there, Eddie Thank you for the kind invitation. I would love to attend TTR next time but I have been afraid I'd be shot at some point so have stayed home and tried to keep my mouth shut. You hav... more
                  • MurderPam Potter, Tue Jan 11 5:29
                    Have you read Roy Young's WWHA Journal article Who Killed Morgan Earp? or seen the WWHA YouTube video on the same topic? It is more than just" Wyatt's Thoughts". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiW... more
                    • Pam/ I admit I have not....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Jan 11 5:39
                      Hello Pam, I have to admit I have not read the article or if I had it is so long ago I had forgotten the details. I will follow your suggestion and look it up as there is always more to examine on th... more
                      • Thanks to Pam...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Jan 11 16:09
                        Pam, I did watch the video and enjoyed it very much. It was a very pleasant presentation, very reasonable. However, it really doesn't answer the question as to who tried to assassinate Virgil, wh... more
        • They left Ike's hat at the scene to frame him? (nm)DL Staley, Sun Jan 09 20:52
          • DL/frame job?...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 10 7:09
            If that hat had belonged to Ike Clanton, it would NOT have been left behind no matter what the consequences. I am not suggesting Ike was some sort of hero; just that he, like all cowboys, would not be... more
            • Ike's HatDan Brown, Sun Jan 16 12:45
              Ike was likely too busy skeedaddling from the crime scene to be worrying about his hat. I Figure he had at aleast a pint of See-it-Through in him before the ambush. What we know about Ike's actions at... more
              • Okay, Dan....Joyce A. Aros, Sun Jan 16 16:03
                Are you just bored or need someone to pick on? You have to know by now that Ike had witnesses for the Virgil thing, one was McMasters, an Earp buddy. Ike was in Charleston at the time. During Morga... more
                • One or the other, I suppose...Dan Brown, Wed Jan 19 9:05
                  Well, as you've pointed out, the allegations against Ike were dismissed due to the lack of evidence. A found hat, Ike's or not, is evidence of only one thing: a lost hat. But we can be fairly cert... more
                  • a fair argument....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jan 19 12:16
                    ...to a point. I don't know if you wish me 'good luck' in defending my viewpoint or if you are dismissing me because you've had enough of me. Who could blame you? Everyone knows I don't give up too ea... more
          • Re: They left Ike's hat at the scene to frame him? (nm)Nick Rodgers, Sun Jan 09 22:38
            I would think Ike’s hat at the crime scene would be considered evidence.?
            • Ike's hat again...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 10 6:14
              Nick, I never suggested any such idea, but why do you think the hat was Ike's? In a courtroom it was established no name was on the hat; no one knew how long it had been there, what type of hat it ... more
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