Dan Brown
Re: Joan Didion & The Alamo
Sat Jan 01, 0:35

Joan Didion wrote about Wayne more than once; she was a true fan. Her review of The Alamo was spot on. What she really liked a out the film was Wayne. Which is fair enough, I guess, although she short changed Laurence Harvey and Richard Boone.

    • Article on the Donner PartyCasey Tefertiller, Sun Dec 26 2021 4:10
      SFGate did a big Christmastime article on the Donner Party: https://www.sfgate.com/sfhistory/article/What-happened-to-Donner-Party-survivors-16714121.php?IPID=SFGate-HP-Editors-Picks
      • Re: Article on the Donner PartyDaniel Buck, Sun Dec 26 2021 9:15
        Casey, the article didn't mention Joan Didion, which prompted me to wonder how exactly is she a descendant of a Donner Party member. Per a 1979 New York Times profile, https://www.nytimes.com/1979... more
        • Thanks, DanCasey Tefertiller, Mon Dec 27 2021 5:37
          That is interesting.
          • Didion & HemingwayDaniel Buck, Mon Dec 27 2021 13:41
            Another of Joan Didion's lodestars was Ernest Hemingway. Here's something she wrote about him in 1998: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1998/11/09/last-words-6
    • Joan Didion & The AlamoDaniel Buck, Fri Dec 24 2021 11:46
      Two things you might not know about Joan Didion (three if we include the Donner Party), in the 1950s and 1960s she wrote for National Review and she was a John Wayne fan. Here is her review of The Al... more
      • Re: Joan Didion & The Alamo — Dan Brown, Sat Jan 01 0:35
      • JOHN WAYNE: A LOVE SONGJerry Prather, Fri Dec 24 2021 14:47
        Dan, thanks for posting her review. Joan confirmed her nearly life long love affair with John Wayne in the magazine article JOHN WAYNE: A LOVE STORY, which is reprinted in her book SLOUCHING TOWARDS B... more
        • Re: JOHN WAYNE: A LOVE SONGDaniel Buck, Sat Dec 25 2021 1:44
          Jerry, Thanks. Joan Didion and John Wayne, quite a combo. Aside from being a cold-eyed observer of the human race, she had provocatively contrarian instincts. She once wrote for the New York Review ... more
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