Beat me to that inquiry.
Sun Jan 09, 11:31

I was going to ask you. Apparently it was a 30-page consideration of Mister McCarty Bonney Kid. Do not know what became of it. (Are McConnell's papers archived at a university or historical society somewhere? That might be the place to begin a search.)

McMurtry, as you doubtless know, did write a novel purportedly about the Kid entitled, if I recall offhand, "Anything for Billy." (I could well be wrong about that title.) I read it eons ago and did not find it up to his better work.

I understand that Ron Hansen, he of "Desperadoes" (about the Dalton Gang), and "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," as well as the terrific "Mariette in Ecstasy," has written a more fully-fleshed novel about Hank and/or William, but I have not read it. It was simply entitled, "The Kid." Ron and I exchanged a couple letters back in the day, but I ceased reading his work long ago. He's a great guy, but is far too in-your-face, religiously-bent for my taste.

When it comes to Kid literature, I am rabidly partial to "The Collected Works of Billy the Kid," by Michael Ondaatje. That slimmish work is over 50 years old now, but for me, it is a seminally ground-breaking. It certainly is not everyone's cup of chamomile, but in my opinion, it should be everyone's cup of chamomile.

    • McMurty on Custer & Connell on BillyDaniel Buck, Sun Jan 09 9:28
      In his 2008 NYRB review of Custerology, Larry McMurty has this to say: "Three times in the past twenty years I’ve been asked to write a book about Custer and the Little Bighorn, and each time I’ve ... more
      • Beat me to that inquiry. — olds, Sun Jan 09 11:31
        • Re: Beat me to that inquiry.Daniel Buck, Sun Jan 09 12:10
          Bruce, Thanks. Did not know about Ondaatje's Billy saga, and to further expose my literary blinkers, that he wrote The English Patient. Good grief, this Google fellow I obviously just consulted is ... more
          • As I recall,olds, Sun Jan 09 14:01
            Ondaatje was savaged by a certain nationalist element in Canada for having the temerity to write about "American" subjects. Apparently Canada was peculiarly insular--and insecure--about its literary c... more
            • CanadaDan Brown, Sun Jan 16 12:38
              Canada is...well, Canada. Overrated by many. While Canada may appear to be a sort of idiot relative of ours, she got her land the same way we got ours - by taking it from them who had it first. Lift t... more
              • True, Dan.olds, Mon Jan 17 14:48
                At least about the "similar kind of dirt," though if Canada can be characterized as "a sort of idiot relative of ours," I am happy to raise high a glass to idiocy. As someone who reads his fair sha... more
                • More Canadian contributionsB.J., Tue Feb 08 1:09
                  Canada’s participation in the 1944 D-Day landing at Juno Beach. 14,000 well trained Canadian soldiers rapidly hit the beach and quickly moved inland which had an indirect effect of decreasing the defe... more
                  • Re: More Canadian contributionsDaniel Buck, Tue Feb 08 10:16
                    Excellent point. 12 or 13 (depending on who is counting) allied countries provided troops, with the US, Britain, and Canada landing the most. I will take this WWII nod to recommend a fine book tha... more
                • There's a few exceptions. No doubtDan Brown, Mon Jan 17 22:55
                  I do admire Trudeau's willingness to go full blackface at a moment's notice. And also like us, Canada interred their Japanese citizens during WW2, for their own good, of course. They also keep the nat... more
                  • Oh, I wouldn'tolds, Thu Feb 10 13:35
                    suggest trusting Cohen, just listening to him, or better yet, reading him. "Beautiful Losers" is a terrific novel and there are a number of poetry collections that are worth a look-see as well. BTW... more
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