Joyce A. Aros
Ike's hat again...
Mon Jan 10, 6:14


I never suggested any such idea, but why do you think the hat was Ike's? In a courtroom it was established no name was on the hat; no one knew how long it had been there, what type of hat it was, or anything else. The judge or clerk in the courtroom dismissed it as 'no evidence.'

    • DL/frame job?...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jan 10 7:09
      If that hat had belonged to Ike Clanton, it would NOT have been left behind no matter what the consequences. I am not suggesting Ike was some sort of hero; just that he, like all cowboys, would not be... more
      • Ike's HatDan Brown, Sun Jan 16 12:45
        Ike was likely too busy skeedaddling from the crime scene to be worrying about his hat. I Figure he had at aleast a pint of See-it-Through in him before the ambush. What we know about Ike's actions at... more
        • Okay, Dan....Joyce A. Aros, Sun Jan 16 16:03
          Are you just bored or need someone to pick on? You have to know by now that Ike had witnesses for the Virgil thing, one was McMasters, an Earp buddy. Ike was in Charleston at the time. During Morga... more
          • One or the other, I suppose...Dan Brown, Wed Jan 19 9:05
            Well, as you've pointed out, the allegations against Ike were dismissed due to the lack of evidence. A found hat, Ike's or not, is evidence of only one thing: a lost hat. But we can be fairly cert... more
            • a fair argument....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jan 19 12:16
     a point. I don't know if you wish me 'good luck' in defending my viewpoint or if you are dismissing me because you've had enough of me. Who could blame you? Everyone knows I don't give up too ea... more
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