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I cant stand to read that Custer was ignorant. That just is not very well informed. He is still the youngest general in history at 23 and maj general 25. Recognized by Sherman, Sheridan, McClellan as a major player in the Civil War. Brought out of suspension by Sheridan to lead the 68 campaign. The fact that West Point had no traning in Indiam fighting, it did not stop Custer from 3 successful fights.

Custer had 35 Ree scouts and 5 guides. The Crowe scouts were given to him from the Gibbons command as they knew the area. There were just four of them. He told all his scouts they were to find the hostiles only. Custer relied on his favorite scout "Bloody Knife" he did not know the Crowe scouts after 3 days where they mostly were ahead of the command working the trail.. I too have talked to the great Grand stepson of White Man Runs Him. The last time I was at LBH I rode out into the battlefield on horseback with a member of the Real Bird family who lives at Medicine Tail Coulee on the river and followed Custers last hours by ourselves. One of the best days of my life.

Custer told his officers on the 24th meeting that they would probably meet 1000 to 1500 warriors. The fact that he had two haters as his second and third commanders who both failed him is never considered by Custer haters. CPT Weir twice attempted to lead BEnteen to hurry to Custer support. But he sat helping a disaster of leader in Reno.

The Crowes were run out of the black hills by the Souix. So they were adverseries of the Sioux. But while good fighters they hardly matched the Sioux.

IGNORANT I don't think so! He deployed his command as was the tactics used at the time. It was the militaries thinking that the Indians would flee in those circumstances rather than fight not just Custers. Also he did not know they were embolden by what was a successful Rosebud battle one week before.

Have the Son of Morning Star movie on my dvr. Love it!

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        This is an interesting link that might shed a little light on the various scouts working forthe 7th https://astonisher.com/the-twisted-saga-of-the-unsung-7th-cavalry-scouts-by-bruce-brown/